New Citroen C3 Picasso Review

New Citroen C3 Picasso Review – The updates are extremely substantial, the 2017 vehicles are defined as up coming-gen racers, so when you set the brand new restrictions with all the leaving of the actually-dominating Volkswagen team, the concern of who can end up obtaining the title in 2017 remains a matter of discussion significantly.

Numerous observers are pointing to Citroen being a feasible new favorite. With the greatly upgraded C3 WRC now around the kitchen table, everything is looking up for the car maker, specifically when you consider its long cv of achievements in a rally race, a part of including 96 victories and eight manufacturer’s titles inside the WRC.Citroen C3 Price

Before we release into detail in the New C3 WRC and why it may be the brand new 2017 favorite, it’s important to obtain a manage on Citroen’s past rally practical experience to comprehend what it is delivering to the table

Citroen took its initially big is the winner race inside the rough information in the ‘50s, with additional current levels of competition automobiles like the BX 4TC and Visa 1000 Pistes supplying the car maker with all the hard core experience with running inside the legendary Team B time of the WRC.


Should you be seeking to but a New Citroen C3, you’re going to be unhappy that yours does not look like this WRC Concept. Although it has got the very same all round form of the typical 2017 C3, there is a lot more happening which makes this car look incredible and athletic. At the start, the car continue to packs a production-level hood and the two chevron lines involving the front lights, but down beneath the radiator grille has become increased and spots “Citroen Racing” composing in the fine mesh. The front lights remain recessed right in front fascia under individuals slim and smooth working lamps. Further down, nevertheless, this child is a very different beast. Air dam from the production model has disappeared, getting substituted by a massive entrance spoiler. The fog lamps from the production model have been eliminated, but the holes continue to be and definately will work as vents for airflow via and straight down stress design at speed.Citroen C3 Picasso

It has the identical overall type of the conventional 2017 C3; there is so much more going on that creates this car appearance completely incredible and athletic.

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Shifting to the ends, the Citroen C3 WRC Concept features distinct fenders that provide this car a significantly intense and broad position at the start. These are set up thanks to FIA’s regulations for width and tie up in nicely with all the wider front side fascia and front side spoiler. These fenders are also notably smooth at the top which can help to use down pressure towards the front side rims at higher speeds – a thing that will surely come in handy on some of those crazy rally monitors. Relocating even farther back across the area we discover more compact but efficient side look at decorative mirrors which feature some yellow accenting. Down under, the airbump panels are gone to help make way for those hostile sides skirts than swooping upward towards the back and go away into the back end brake intakes within the back end quarters. The back quarters have been increased considerably to create the car approximately FIA specs as well as additional highlight the overall look of thickness and aggressiveness. Through the part look at, we could clearly observe that this concept continues to be lowered by 2- to 3-inches at least when compared to regular C3. At this point, I have to point out at how properly the wheels load the tire wells and align nicely with all of those another body. Yellowish accenting are available on the side dresses, along side it in the front spoiler, as well as the calipers are painted yellow-colored too.


It is a Citroen concept that ought to be nearly exactly like the official WRC car, and so i would expect this interior to function each of the typical FIA-required security equipment like race seats, 5-point harnesses, fireplace suppression method, roll cage, and do not ignore the telecommunications equipment and Gps system program. Despite all that, the Concept, as well as the recognized WRC car, should have an interior which is stripped but nonetheless relatively much like that relating to the supply design. Things like rug and back end seating will probably be eliminated, but the dash should stay, albeit with a few FIA-necessary alterations.


I’ll minimize right to the run after – Citroen says the powerplant it mounted inside the nose from the New C3 WRC is “the very best engine at any time created by Citroen Auto racing.”

So then, we are off to a good start. The engine makes use of an inline 4-cylinder design, with 1.6-liters of displacement enhanced by a turbo and fueled by a direct shot. The prevent is made from machined aluminium, with precise specs on bodyweight and placement to satisfy the new regulations.Citroen C3 Review

Talking about which, the FIA has opened the guidelines on engine energy, now enables intake restrictors approximately 36 mm (1.4 ins) in diameter, as opposed to the 33 mm (1.3 inches) restrictors Citroen was making use of on its prior engine styles.

The excess air flow allows for a lot more strength, with as many as 20-% higher optimum productivity. That places the muscles at 380 horse power, while peak torque is placed at 295 pound-feet. Completing this job is an optimum boost strain of 2.5 nightclubs (36.3 psi).

Citroen says its engineers was able to stand up to pace swiftly by using what was discovered from the automaker’s endeavours in the WTCC, which so happened also to be employing 36 mm ingestion restrictors. Also, Citroen’s spouse Total supplied several chemical engineers that allegedly helped to reduce the engine’s interior friction, enhancing strength and efficiency in the process. Citroen even offers “some extremely extreme technical solutions” in this area, but unsurprisingly, doesn’t supply any specifics. However, it can touch it’ll integrate the lowered-rubbing technical in their street cars a while later on.