2016 Bentley Continental GT Concept and Price

2016 Bentley Continental GT Concept and Price – The present day Bentley Continental GT redefined the present day grand tourer. When it had been launched in 2004, it set new standards for luxury and performance, with a powerful twin turbocharged W12 engine beneath the bonnet that was mated for an appropriately present day all-wheel drive system for many climate traction. It became the initial luxury grand tourer that might be driven each day in any climate.2016 Bentley Continental GT

Utilizing the introduction in the 2nd generation GT, two engine alternatives had been obtainable. Though the W12 continued on, a contemporary, small displacement turbocharged V8 was introduced and though not as strong because the W12, the V8 became my selection of engine inside the Continental, for its throatier sounds and, a lot more importantly, there was much less mass in excess of the front axle, generating the V8 Continental every single single so somewhat much more responsive.

Together with the 2015 model 12 months, it truly is been so lucrative for Bentley that they’ve delivered a lot more than 52,000 Continentals in 11 years also it remains Bentley’s most well-known model every yr.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Interior

The interior within the 2016 Continental is essentially unchanged, save for minor particulars, nonetheless it remains one of a number of most luxurious cabins discovered correct now. With massive, broad chairs, genuine supplies, superb sightlines and ergonomics, the cockpit is as effective as it is opulent.

Buyers have their choice of two new patterns of leather inside a range of colours for every hides and stitching. There’s also a brand new sport steering wheel getting a somewhat diverse design and also the steering column’s shift levers are generally knurled for enhanced tactility. The paddles actually are a prolonged attain out of your wheel, wanting to hold them securely from the way for day-to-day driving, the knurling is truly a welcome touch, pun totally intended, for finger tip confirmation that you’ve reached the lever.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Performance

When the Continental is anything, it is about in excess of the top, if understated, performance. Even though completely everyone continuously talks about horsepower, that’s missing the point together with the Continental GT. No matter regardless of whether it’s the W12 or even the V8 engine that is beneath the hood, acceleration is merely effortless. That’s as a result of perfect integration of the eight-speed automatic with each engines’ monumental torque curves. With regard to 2016, numbers are usually up all through the board, in most specs.2016 Bentley Continental GT Review

In V8 S spec, the particular twin-turbocharged, 4.0-litre V8 could make a comparatively modest 521 horsepower, however hits its peak 502 pounds-feet of torque coming from 1,700 to only in excess of 5,000 RPM. It had exceptionally swift throttle response, with credit as a result of twin scroll turbos. While inside the Velocity, the 6.0-litre, twin turbocharged W12 (believe two narrow angle V6s mated on the exact exact same crankshaft) produces a respectable 626 horsepower, but makes its peak torque – 607 pounds-feet – from 2,000 through to 5,000 RPM.

2016 Bentley Continental GT Price

At this finish around the market, price will be relative, naturally and together with the entry degree, the particular Continental GT V8 coupe commences at $240,240 along with the Speed Convertible will value you $318,780 before options. My choice, the V8 S, is priced at a modest $254,980, as well as the $4,268 destination and delivery costs that affect all Bentley styles.

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