2015 Fiat 500e Price and Specs

2015 Fiat 500e Price and Specs – The first Fiat 500 was produced in 1957 It had been a city car that has acquired fantastic acceptance by name the Cinquecento. It ceased to get developed in 1975, but stayed in great memory. About the 50th anniversary on the 1st appearance, the 2007 Fiat launched the new generation of this fantastic car. Fiat have gone a phase additional and produce a comprehensive approach for growth on the following model based about the Fiat 500. So they appeared 500x Fiat, Fiat 500L and electric car Fiat 500e. The model in query in this report is Fiat 500e and was 1st introduced in November 2012, but income started while inside the yr 2013. The only negative information would be the undeniable fact that for the present time this electric car may be purchased only in California and also Oregon.2015 Fiat 500e Specs

2015 Fiat 500e engine

As currently pointed out, the main characteristic in the model 500e is actually electric drive. For your drive of this model charged engine with power of 111hp. This model can attain a leading velocity of 88mph. Fuel consumption of this model is phenomenal. Possessing not utilized the standard fuel, its consumption is expressed in MPGE (miles per gallon equivalent). In accordance to all measurements, mixed consumption of this model is going to be around 116 MPGE. Electric energy is stored in lithium ion batteries that are generally below the floor of the car. Charging the battery is relatively fast at a voltage of 240V and also amount of this process is about 4 hours. In accordance for some announcements, %00e have a very high quality batteries, so it should last and with occasional supplement a very long time.2015 Fiat 500e Price

2015 Fiat 500e exterior

The external appearance of this model is very similar to the classic Fiat 500 model. In addition to the entire range of colors through which it is possible to buy a car, there are aluminum wheels of 15 inches, as well as the door handles made of chromium. What is an important feature of this model is that it creates minor noise and zero emission of harmful gases.2015 Fiat 500e Review

2015 Fiat 500e price

Model 2015 Fiat 500e will value a little much less than 32,000 dollars. For now it actually is sold only in 2 states, but will virtually certainly swiftly be obtainable to consumers in other nations.

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